Olympic Tae Kwon Do      

 Our kids Tae Kwon Do program teaches our Future Leaders not only the High Speed Kicking, balance and High Precision Techniques of Korean Tae Kwon Do. These young students also focus heavily on developing strong Self Control, Discipline, Focus, Listening Skills and Increased Attention Span in addition to having fun in classes!


All students ages 17 & under are also required to bring in their academic report cards or progress reports accordingly to their age/grade level. Young students are recognized for academic excellence. Young students are also required to submit an "Intent to Promote" testing form issued during classes as a requirement for belt testing and promotion. These forms are "signed off" by both a parent at home and their home room school teacher.


Our students are required to maintain respectful manners outside of their Tae Kwon Do classes as well as maintaining their academic studies in order to promote in belt ranking.


        Muay Thai Kickboxing

Burn calories, learn self defense and enjoy your life to the fullest!! The Muay Thai experience- A Kick Boxing Fitness program designed to keep you in shape, lose weight, and tone muscles while developing freedom from fear of physical attack.

You can burn over 800 calories during your workout. At the same time, you can reshape your figure to look like a lean, mean, rock-hard body of a fighter - without the physical contact of fighting!
 Muay Thai Kickboxing develops your thighs, buttocks, hips, upper body and abs. This is achieved by working out the small muscle groups in addition to the large muscle groups.
 Additionally, you will learn self-defense techniques such as jabbing, kicking, punching, blocking, striking combinations and body movements utilized globally for hundreds of years designed to maintain balance and fluid movement as well as specialized meditational exercises which allow you to develop and maintain a sharp, focused stress-free mind.
            Budoiki Ryu Jujitsu

Our Jujitsu Program includes 5 Rank Levels of Training including 20 Nage waza (Throw Techniques), 18 Gatame waza (Lock/Pin techniques), Ground Striking, multiple technique application methods, Intense Physical Conditioning and practical application both for Real Life and for competition in the MMA Ring.
Our techniques and methods taught by Sensei Burt come from over 25 Years in Martial Arts and 14 Years experience in Jujitsu