"When I first met Master Chris, I was just starting in the martial arts and he helped me and gave me a great amount of advice for my future as a martial artist. I also had the chance of working with him for a short amount of time and saw in him the true essence of a martial artist and that is hard to find now a days.


When I heard he was opening His First Budoiki Ryu School, I was very content because he would be able to have the opportunity to pass on all the knowledge he has acquired through out his years in the martial arts to others looking for a way to better themselves.


I have the utmost respect and honor to Master Chris for what he has done and is still doing and recommend everyone to check Master Chris and his Budoiki Ryu Schools for he is someone great to look up to in the martial arts."


Mr. Rey

Chief Instructor, 3rd Dan

Park's Tae Kwon Do, FL


"When I began my training with Master Chris, I had only been a student of the martial arts for a few months. I fell in love with the arts immediately. The moves came naturally and the determination to train to the best of my ability felt like a necessity, in order to improve my body physically both internally and externally.

Master Chris immediately befriended all of us at the dojo(school), and his impressive background in the martial arts introduced us to an array of new moves and conditioning workouts which caught on to the curriculum. He took the time to talk to and teach students individually.   When I became a member of the Black Belt Club and the DELTA team, Master Chris gave me and the other assistant instructors training that would make us more knowledgeable not only of the history of martial arts, but also of nutrition, the human body, and how to teach both children and adults. He helped the BBC with demos, giving us ideas and playing parts in them, and he took time to teach women's self-defense as well.

I do not train with Master Chris much anymore, but I have to say that I learned the most, not only about martial arts, but about life, from this man. He became like a second father/brother to me. So, to those that have the privilege of training with him and learning from him, you will not be disappointed!" 

-Tanya P.

Personal Trainer

New York City, NY